Frequently Asked

  • Compatible Cookware
  • Cooktop Does Not Turn On
  • Fondue Pot / Hot Pot / Stockpots
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
Compatible Cookware

You can use any size, induction compatible cookware on the cooktop.

Examples of compatible cookware:

  • Enameled iron and steel
  • Stainless steel with a magnetic base
  • Cast iron
  • Pots and pans with an induction symbol on bottom base
  • Pots and pans with magnetic bottom base

Not sure? Use a strong household magnet to test the bottom base of a pot or pan. If the bottom base is magnetic, the cookware is induction compatible.

Examples of non-induction compatible cookware: Copper, glass, aluminum, and ceramic. Beware that some cookware looks like stainless steel, but is actually aluminum.

Cooktop Does Not Turn On

Verify that you are using induction compatible cookware.

The cooktop will not heat or function without an induction compatible pot or pan present on the cooking surface. The cooktop will present an error code “E0” along with an audible beeping to notify you.

Please use compatible cookware with this induction cooktop. See FAQ section above.

Fondue Pot / Hot Pot / Stockpots

Both cooktops work well for fondue pots, hot pots, and stockpots, provided that the pot used is induction compatible.

Induction cooking is an excellent choice for all of these because temperatures are easy to regulate, residual heat is low, and there is no fire hazard from flames.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Both cooktop models require very little maintenance, and are extremely durable if used in accordance with the Instruction Manual.

After each use, simply wipe the cooktop’s glass surface with mild soap and warm water, and allow it to thoroughly dry before the next use. This easy process will prevent issues from developing, and will allow the cooktop to maintain optimal performance.


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